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Anthony Lexa is an unsigned indie pop artist and 'Sex Education' actress who's been self-releasing music since 2018. Starting in a small town in Devon, she found solace and self-expression through writing music. Her hip-hop injected beats, dreamy R&B vocals paired with empowering but honest lyricism make up a fresh sonic landscape. Indie pop girls like Maisie Peters and Orla Gartland inspire her sound. But with a Timbaland bassline, Timberlake vocal, Arctic Monkeys guitar solos and Gorillaz electronic touch. She wants to wrap up all her favourite artists and create her own unique dance tracks.


Some career highlights for Anthony include performing in two West End shows, headlining iconic London venues like The Glory and The Windmill and landing a starring role in 'Sex Education' Series 4. Her music has also found radio recognition, with four of her tracks being played on BBC South West radio stations.

Anthony’s goal is to create a safe space with her art. She is not looking to be a role model, but just hopes that people feel seen within her music. This has encouraged her to move into more activist based work in the later years of her career, including her work with Stonewall at London Pride and awareness work in some schools across London. She is currently partnered with ‘GoFundMe’ to raise awareness for fundraisers that she is passionate about.

"Lighting up people’s playlists with beautiful alt-pop bops." (Notion, 2023)

"She seems to be a rising star with the world at her feet." (When The Horn Blows, 2023)

"‘Early Nights’ is an alt pop bop to get the sad girls who crave healthy relationships dancing." (DORK, 2023)

"It’s made immediately clear that Anthony is on a mission to empower and inspire listeners." (DIVA, 2023)

"Anthony’s commitment to authenticity and representation in all her creative endeavours is truly admirable" (EQ Music, 2023)

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